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What is PDF-XChange? (#UTLPXDSC01)

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What is PDF-XChange?

PDF-XChange is a third party PDF (Portable Document Format) printer that StorMan (version 7.X to version 8.1.X only) uses to print invoices to PDF files, for attaching to outbound emails. PDF is bundled with the StorMan installation program, and is installed onto the system when you install StorMan.


Do I have to use PDF-XChange?

If you use an existing PDF printer (e.g. Adobe Distiller / Adobe Acrobat [full version]), you can use that instead. You can set the PDF printer to use via Maintenance, System Setup then the Settings 1 tab. For more information on setting your PDF printer in StorMan, see: #SYSSETTAB1001.


I am having problems printing to PDF do I fix this?

Refer to: #UTLPXRI01.

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