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Reinstalling PDF-XChange (#UTLPXRI01)

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Why reinstall PDF-XChange?

If you are having errors or experiencing crashing when attempting to print invoices to PDF, the PDF-XChange plug-in for StorMan may need to be reinstalled.


How do I reinstall PDF-XChange?

Instructions on doing this are provided below.

  • If you run StorMan Standalone (single user), run these steps on your main StorMan computer.
  • If you run StorMan MultiUser (a StorMan Server with a number of StorMan Clients), please run these steps on any of the StorMan Client machines that are experiencing PDF printing issues.


  1. Quit the StorMan program.
  2. Open up the Windows Control Panel on your computer (you can usually find this on the Start Menu, or under Settings, on the Start Menu).

  3. Select the option to Add or Remove Programs (in Windows Vista & Windows 7, this is called Programs and Features).
  4. Locate the PDF-XChange program in the list, and uninstall it. Uninstalling PDF-XChange in Windows Vista
  5. Save any work you have open, and restart the computer.
  6. Once rebooted, download the PDF-XChange installation file from our website...

  7. Once the file has downloaded, run it to re-install the PDF-XChange program on your computer.

  8. Restart the computer one more time.

  9. Open StorMan as per normal and select Maintenance, then System Setup.

  10. Select the Settings 1 tab. On the left hand panel, check to ensure your PDF printer is enabled (via the tick box), and that the dropdown box displays PDF-XChange as the PDF printer.

  11. You should now be able to print to PDF from within StorMan again (you can test this by emailing an invoice to a Customer).


I am still having issues printing to PDF. What now?

Please contact StorMan Support for assistance.

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