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What are Users & Groups (#USRGRPABT01)

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What are Users & Groups?

In StorMan, users and groups are setup in order to restrict access to certain program functions and to enable owners / administrators to identify who performed a particular action within the software. As with most other user & group systems, users are members of groups.

In StorMan, users can belong to multiple groups and permissions can be assigned to both users and groups. You can also set which should take preference (in instances where a users permission may deny them access from something, but the group they belong to says the opposite).


How do I see my Users & Groups?

Refer to: #USRGRPVIEW01.


How do I add Users or Groups?

To add / edit users, see: #USRGRPADDU01.
To add / edit groups, see: #USRGRPADDG01.



On Wednesday 19th February 2015, we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of users, groups & software security. In the recording, Andy walks you through his 9 key ways to secure your computer and - in turn - your customer management software.

This webcast recording forms part of Andy's blog post about software security. You can read more about security, watch the video recording & download the handy eBook via Andy’s post on our News & Blogs website.

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