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View Users & Groups (#USRGRPVIEW01)

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How can I view the Users & Groups in StorMan?

Select Maintenance, then Users & Groups. This window will now appear, as shown below.Listing of Users & Groups

  • The table on the left side of this screen shows all User Names setup in your system, as well as their Actual Name and User ID.
  • The green + and red x to the upper-right of this table allow you to add a new User (more on adding new users: #USRGRPADDU01) or remove the highlighted user record (respectively).
  • The table on the right side of this screen shows all Group Names setup in your system, as well as their Group ID.
  • The green + and red x to the upper-right of this table allow you to add a new Group (more on adding new groups: #USRGRPADDG01) or remove the highlighted Group record (respectively).
  • Find user lets you search for a particular Username.
  • Print will print a list of Usernames, Actual names and the Sites that they have access to (the access field only applies to sites running our MultiView software).



On Wednesday 19th February 2015, we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of users, groups & software security. In the recording, Andy walks you through his 9 key ways to secure your computer and - in turn - your customer management software.

This webcast recording forms part of Andy's blog post about software security. You can read more about security, watch the video recording & download the handy eBook via Andy’s post on our News & Blogs website.

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