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Adding / Editing Groups (#USRGRPADDG01)

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How do I add / edit Groups?

  1. Open the Users & Groups section by selecting Maintenance, Users & Groups. This screen will now open, as shown below.

    Listing of Users & Groups

  2. Click on the green + (at the top-right of the Groups table).
  3. Enter the name for this new Group. The new Group will be created.
  4. To edit the preferences for your newly created Group, double-click on its name. The group preferences screen will now open, as shown below.

    Editing group preferences

  5. If you wish Group permissions to override any user ones, click the override checkbox to enable it. This is useful in instances where a user's permission may say that they CANNOT perform a particular task, but the group that they belong to says they CAN perform that task. If you enable the override then the Groups permission status for that task will "win".
  6. If you wish to enable StorMan's specialised call-centre Dashboard (more on this #DBDCCTS01), enable the checkbox labelled as such. If enabled, any users who belong to this Group will get a special StorMan Dashboard designed specifically for call-centre staff when they login.
  7. Now set the permissions for your Group by selecting an area from the dropdown and then clicking / unclicking various tasks from the list below; a handy Select All / Unselect All button is provided. When a dot appears next to a task, it means the Group has that permission. Tasks without dots to the left indicate tasks that users belonging to this Group will not be able to perform. A brief description of each task is shown underneath as you select it.
  8. On the right hand side, click on the names of the users that you want to be a part of this Group. A dot to the left of the name means that the user is a member, whereas no dot means that the user is not a member of this Group.
  9. Click Assign Dashboard Icons if you wish to customise the icons that appear on the StorMan Dashboard for members of this Group (more on this: #DBDICSCST01).
  10. When done, click OK to save & close.



On Wednesday 19th February 2015, we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of users, groups & software security. In the recording, Andy walks you through his 9 key ways to secure your computer and - in turn - your customer management software.

This webcast recording forms part of Andy's blog post about software security. You can read more about security, watch the video recording & download the handy eBook via Andy’s post on our News & Blogs website.

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