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System Setup - Tab 7: Reports & Refunds (#SYSSETTAB701)

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20151009 (Andy)   Pro, MultiUser, MultiSite, MultiView   Self Storage EditionMarina EditionVault Edition   9.3.2 (and higher)   n/a

System Setup - Tab 7: Reports & Refunds (#SYSSETTAB701)

  • In the Reports section, you can set your Aged receivable breaks - these are the breaks (in days) by which you wish to categorise your aged receivables. Prepaid rent calculation can be set to Daily or Whole Months. You can also set which of the two columns you want to appear on a number of reports. Under the Key Stats section you can set whether your income areas should be reported as Week to Date & Month to Date, or Daily & Year to Date. The Custom line field appears on your Key Stats report (more on this report: #RPTKSR01) and it used for displaying any text you wish. The last two options within this section can be used to hide Credit Card details on the AutoPay report that may print during Daily Processing (more on running Daily Processing: #DLYRUN01) and whether the Billing Plan should be ignored when calculating the Actual Occupancy Value.
  • Within the Refund Policy section, you can set your Refund calculation period, the Number of days notice your business requires (for move-outs) and the Maximum refund to give (in monetary value). You can also set whether you Require zero balance at moveout. This means that if a customer has a balance set to anything other than zero (and it could be either debit or in credit), the system will require that you write off (or zero) the Agreement before it will let you save & close it (more on Writing off bad debts: #CUSBDWO01). Other fields include the ability to set whether to Refund Other Regular Charges (more on where these are setup on customer Agreements: #AGTTAB101) as well as the ability to set from what Agreement Number (onwards) to apply any refund policy changes to. The Enable Batch Refunds Alert option (only available to users of StorMan MultiView) will alert staff that the refund will be paid by head office via the Batch Refunds function. The Refund customers on a daily basis who have been with you for more than section appears only when you are using a Refund Calculation set to Weekly Basis. This setting rewards long-term customers by calculating their refunds on a Daily Basis, instead of on a Weekly Basis. Simply enter the number of months that a customer needs to stay with you before StorMan starts calculating their refund daily, instead of weekly.




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