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System Setup - Tab 12: Licence (#SYSSETTAB1201)

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20151009 (Andy)   Pro, MultiUser, MultiSite, MultiView   Self Storage EditionMarina EditionVault Edition   9.3.2 (and higher)   n/a

System Setup - Tab 12: Licence (#SYSSETTAB1201)

System Setup

  • License information displays your licensing information. This includes your business name, facility name, company name, facility shortname, facility homepage (website address), country and 5 character facility code. You can request a change via our Store; fees may apply to change company / business details.
  • Modules & Limits displays the modules that have been purchased with (or for) your StorMan license. Max Berths / Max Units / Max Vaults shows how many Berths / Units / Vaults your datafile is licensed for (more on upgrading your license: #UNTLIC01). Upgrades paid to refers to the paid to date for your StorMan Support & Upgrades plan. Max Sites refers to the number of sites your software is licensed for (this is required for StorMan's MultiSite product). Max SM Clients refers to the maximum number of StorMan clients that can connect to this datafile (this is required for StorMan's MultiUser & MultiView products). For information & pricing for any upgrades or extensions, please contact StorMan Sales or visit the myStorMan Store.
  • Software Information displays your StorMan Version Number, your 5-digit site-code (more on this: #DBD5DSC01), expiry date (if renting our software) and product code.




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