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Setting up StorMan SMS (#SYSSETSMSMS01)

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What does SMS (aka text messaging) do in StorMan?

SMS (aka text messaging) allows you to send text messages to mobile phones. This feature is great for sending one-off ad hoc messages for Customers, or using the automated processing functions offered by StorMan to automatically send SMS messages to Customers - for example, Customers that are late in paying their bills.

StorMan clients that use SMS for warning late-paying Customers of impending lockout have informed us that the tool is very effective. In most cases, they said they'd received a call from the Customer wishing to pay the bill over the telephone via credit card a few minutes after having received the SMS


How does it work?

How SMS with Delivery Receipts works


How do I setup StorMan SMS (aka text messaging) in StorMan?

  1. After you have completed & sent-in a SMS Application Form, you will receive setup information from us. Gather this information, and have it ready.
  2. Select Maintenance, then System Setup.
  3. Select the Modules tab.
  4. Locate the SMS Account Details information section (as shown below). Select StorMan SMS from the dropdown menu, then enter the SMS Account number, SMS Username & SMS Password as provided to you by us.

    StorMan SMS

  5. SMS sending has now been setup for ad-hoc Customer messaging. You will now be able to send text messages to Customers using the mobile phone icons on their Agreement screens (more on these screens: #AGTTAB201). You may wish to test the gateway by opening up a Customer's Agreement, temporarily replacing the Customer's mobile number with your own, and sending an ad hoc test SMS to yourself to ensure the gateway is working as expected.

    Should you wish to setup automated text messaging based on trigger-points in your notice plans (for example, sending an SMS if a Customer is more than 5 days late in making a payment, etc), please see one of the following knowledgebase articles... either #NTCSTP01 for setting up a Notice, or #NTCPLNSTP01 for setting up a Notice Plan.


Tell me about SMS delivery receipts

SMS delivery receipts are automatically emailed to a special email account that we create for you; the address for this special email account ends in To have these receipts automatically tagged and logged against the relevant Customer's Notes tab (on their Agreement) in StorMan, please refer to the Delivery Receipt setup instructions at #SYSSETSSMSDEL01.


Is there an SMS delivery report I can view?

Yes. Please see: #RPTSMSDLV01.


How do I know when SMS credits run low?

Please see #SYSSETSCRL01.


Can I check my balance online?

Certainly - visit our StorMan SMS Balance page.


How else can I send an SMS?

You can also send an SMS via our web-based SMS interface. This might be a good way to send a test message to your own mobile number to ensure everything is working correctly.

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