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Sales Enquiries - Tab 3: Notes & Alerts (#SAENQTAB201)

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Sales Enquiries - Tab 3: Notes & Alerts

  1. For information about the core window elements (around the edge of the screen), please refer to knowledgebase article #SAENQTAB101, which details the first tab.
  2. Other window elements: Tab 3 - Notes & Alerts
    • General Notes (add new) is used for adding a new note to the system. After entering your note, click Add to add it to the Sales Enquiry. Note: Be aware that notes cannot be edited, or deleted, once added. This is a security ensure that any important notes hold up in court (in case you ever need to take a Customer that far).
    • The dropdown box underneath this field allows you to file this note under a particular category. These categories can be setup under Types & Categories (more info: #TPCTWITC01). If no categories are setup, then this field will not appear.Note: If you use the Threat alert system (for threat / terrorism tracking in your business; more on this at: #SYSSETTLTA01), some Note Categories can be setup to trigger the Threat alert level counter for this Customer. More on setting up the Threat alert system & suspicious activity Note Categories: #SYSSETTLTA01.
    • The Alert note is a special type of note that can be deleted / edited. It can also be setup to alert staff with this message, when the Sales Enquiry is opened (more on the Alert Note / Alert Message: #CUSALTNT01).
    • If this Sales Enquiry is set to be on the Waiting List (more on this: #CUSWLST01), then any Waiting List Notes entered here will appear on the Waiting List as well.
    • General notes (existing) shows any existing notes for this Customer, including the date & time, the user login that added note, and the message. Double-click the note to view it in full, or use the icons to the top-right of this section to sort of print these notes (respectively). From time to time, certain system-generated notes may be added here automatically - such as the delivery receipt for an SMS (more on this: #SYSSETSMSMS01), when an automatically-processed credit card is declined, etc. Use the filter dropdown at the bottom to only display notes of a certain category (more on categories: #TPCTWITC01).
    • The Alert note is a special type of note that can be deleted / edited. It can also be setup to alert staff with this message, when the Agreement is opened (more on the Alert Note / Alert Message: #CUSALTNT01).
    • Waiting List Notes appear next to this Sales Enquiry on the Waiting List report. More on this: #CUSWLST01.
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