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Sales Enquiries - Tab 2: Quotes & Notices (#SAENQTAB201)

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Sales Enquiries - Tab 2: Quotes & Notices

  1. For information about the core window elements (around the edge of the screen), please refer to knowledgebase article #SAENQTAB101, which details the first tab.
  2. Other window elements: Tab 2 - Quotes & Notices
    • The Quote item tracker section allows you to add a new item to a quote (+), remove an item from a quote (x), edit the specifics of a quoted item (notepad & pencil), email a quote (email +) or print a quote (printer). More on the quoting module: #SAENQQT01.
    • Preferred Berth Type / Preferred Unit Type / Preferred Vault Type is an informational field that is populated when you add a Berth / Unit / Vault to the quote (more on the quoting module: #SAENQQT01) and enable the Add to Waiting List option. If you enable this option on multiple Berths / Units / Vaults, then multiple types will be shown here.
    • This information also display on the Waiting List (more on the Waiting List: #CUSWLST01).
    • Check available Berths / Check available Units / Check available Units / Check available Vaults allows you to view what's available at the current point in time.
    • The Notices history section to the right records all of the TXTs, letters and emails that have been sent to this Customer from within StorMan. A tick appears in the Email column if the communication was emailed, rather than printed. Mobile phone, email +, letter +, x and printer (to the top-right of this panel) are used to compose a new TXT, email, letter, delete the highlighted item and print the highlighted item (respectively). For more on manually adding a notice, see: #CUSMANA01.
    • The Service data section to the bottom of this screen lets you enter information regarding the type of goods that the Customer wishes to store, when they require the Unit and the Customer's estimate as to their approximate duration of stay with you (a figure in months).
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