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Quoting (#SAENQQT01)

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Why would I use the quote module?

The quoting section allows you to create quotes for anything you sell - including Berths / Units / Vaults, and any merchandise that you sell - such as boxes, rope, petrol, locks, cold drinks and so on.


Can I quote on multiple items at once?

You can. This is handy if you wish to quote a Customer on a number of different Berth / Unit / Vault and also provide different options for merchandise items - for example, 5 large boxes & 10 medium boxes, etc.


How does StorMan handle multiple Berths / multiple Units / multiple Vaults upon move in?

If a Customer (who was quoted on multiple sizes / types) accepts your Quotation / Sales Enquiry and wants to move in, the system will ask you which type of Berth / Unit / Vault the Customer wants to move into (of the various types / sizes you quoted them on). You can at this stage select all, some, one or none of the Berths / Units / Vaults from the original quote for that Customer. More on converting a Sales Enquiry to an Agreement: #SALAGT01.


How to quote a Customer or provide a quotation...

  1. Open a new Sales Enquiry via the Customers menu or the icon on the StorMan Dashboard (more on these icons: #DBDICS01).

  2. Enter the name & any contact information, as required.

  3. Click on the Quotes & Notices tab, to switch to this view.

    Tab 2

  4. Select + to add an item to your quote.
  5. The item dialog will appear (as shown below). Use this screen to add an item to the quote. You can select the analysis code to quote from using the dropdown near the top, or simply select a Berth type / Unit type / Vault type from the list underneath (for quick-access). Adjust the quantity and price as desired; remembering that the price that is shown after selecting an item is that item's default sell price. If you're quoting on a Berth / Unit / Vault type that is currently not available, you can add it to the Waiting List (more on this: #CUSWLST01) by enabling the checkbox Add to list.

    Quote - Add item to quote

  6. Click OK to add the item to the quotation. Repeat this process if you have more than one item to add to the quote.
  7. Once you have finished building your quote, you can either print it, or email it, using the icons provided. While printing the quote does just that, the email function has an extra step - allowing you to include a cover message - this can either be manually typed on screen, or selected from your existing set of notices (more on setting up a Notice: #NTCSTP01).



On Thursday January 15th, 2009 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of the Quotation Module. You can download / view the webcast recording below...

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