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Reservation - Tab 1: Reservation (#RESSTAB101)

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Reservation - Tab 1: Reservation

  1. Core window elements (around the edge):Tab 1: Reservation
    • The number near the top-left of the window is the unique number assigned to this Reservation.
    • The Active text near the top-right of the window shows that this is an active Reservation. To make a reservation inactive, simply click on of the buttons within the Reservation options... section, as described further down below.
    • Customer Code shows this Customer's unique Customer code.
    • Primary Phone shows the Customer's primary phone number; Set lets you change which number is to be the primary one shown here (more on this: #CUSSPPN01).
    • Creator shows the StorMan username that was logged in at the time of creating the Reservation (more on Users & Groups: #USRGRPABT01).
  2. Other window elements: Tab 1: Reservation
    • The Reserved Berths / Reserved Units / Reserved Vaults table at the top of the window shows any Berths / Units / Vaults attached to the Reservation - including, on a per-item basis: the item number, type / code, size, the items Reserved date, deposit, the standard rack-rate for that item (a monthly figure) and finally, the quoted rate for the item.
    • The green + at the top-right of the table is used to add new Berths / Units / Vaults to this Reservation.
    • The red x at the top-right of the table is used to remove the highlighted Berth / Unit / Vault from this Reservation.
    • The Reservation info section shows the date the Reservation was created, the Expect move-in date (and time; an informational field only) and whether the Reservation is weekly-based (as opposed to monthly-based). Outcome is automatically set when you select one of the Reservation options... buttons, as described below. Outcome date denotes the date of the outcome, whereas Call taken by displays the username of the operator who originally entered the Sales Enquiry.
    • Reservation options... buttons provide options for converting the Reservation directly to an Agreement (more on this: #RESAGT01), canceling the Reservation (and refunding the deposit paid) or canceling the Reservation without refunding the deposit paid.
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