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Converting a Reservation to an Agreement (#RESAGT01)

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Why convert a Reservation to an Agreement?

While StorMan will let you create a brand new Agreement without doing so via a Reservation first, we recommend using the three-step process built into StorMan (Sales Enquiry -> Reservation -> Move In; more on this process: #INTF3SCP01). If you follow this three-step process, you will have better statistics available in your StorMan reports to see if your staff are successfully converting Reservations into valid Customers (by way of Agreements) who Move In to your site, or to see other statistics such as how soon Customers Move In after Reserving, and so on.

Converting a Sales Enquiry to a Reservation and then to an Agreement ensures the process is followed, and will save you from having to re-enter all your Customer data again, as it's retained within the process of a conversion from one type of Customer (Reservation), to another (Agreement).


How do I convert a Reservation to an Agreement?

  1. Open your Reservation.
  2. Click Convert to Agreement, as shown below.

    Reservations screen - Reservations

  3. After a few dialog boxes for confirmation purposes, your Reservation will be converted to an Agreement and given a unique Agreement Number.


View the video:

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