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Inaccurate Reports (#RPTINAC01)

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What are my reports inaccurate?

While timing is the key to accurate reports, situations where reports may not be accurate can include...

  • Recent data conversion from a different software program.
  • Inaccurate data entry in storers accounts.
  • Banking reports not being completed and balanced (more on this: #BNKBPR01).
  • Daily processing not completed (more on this: #DLYWISDP01).
  • Data not verified or transactions matched incorrectly.
  • Printing the report prior to a period end and additional transactions being included.


How can I ensure my reports are correct?

You might like to try some of the following...

  • Ensure that Daily Processing has been run for the day (more on this: #DLYRUN01).
  • Ensure the Banking has been done for the day (more on this: #BNKBPR01).
  • Check to ensure that the period for which you're running the report is valid.
  • Check to ensure you are running the report the day after the 'end period' of the report. For example: Don't run a report for December 2007, in September 2009! Data may have changed in that time, especially with account reconciliation or tax office adjustments, etc that may have been performed over time by managers or accountants.
  • Run the Check Activity function (more on this: #RFCHKACT01).
  • Run the Recalculate Balances function (more on this: #RFRCBAL01).
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