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Trial Balance report (#RPTTBR01)

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  • This report has been removed as of StorMan v9.1.2, as it relied on the old (now removed) cashbook module.

About the Trial Balance report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Accounting. The Trial Balance report shows the balance of General Ledger Accounts as at a certain date (in StorMan's case only at the month end date, since this is the date we post the revenue side of things to the GL). The report is split between Debit and Credit columns for each GL Account that they set up in StorMan and allows you to view the balance of these accounts.


Setting up StorMan to print a Trial Balance

  1. To set up the revenue side of things, go to Maintenance, Analysis Codes, Charges and enter the GL Codes for your various charge codes. These should these should be split into the revenue item categories that you want to report on - such as Rental, Locks, merchandise, Late fees, etc.
  2. Set up the accounts you want to report on, via Accounting, Chart of Accounts. You will need to set up all of your income accounts, such as Rental fees, Late fees, Merchandise, etc - and these should all be of account type 'P' (as per the example for 'Rental Fee' below...) Trial Balance
  3. You will also need to setup 3 additional account types... a B1 account type (this will be your Bank Account), an 'A' account type (this will be your Prepaid Income Account) and a 'D' account type (this will be your Debtors / Customer Receivables account type). Screenshots for these three are included below, to assist you...

    Trial Balance

    Trial Balance

    Trial Balance

  4. Next, we will need to setup the receipts. Select Maintenance, then Analysis Codes. Ensure you are viewing the Receipts screen (you can change this using the dropdown at the bottom of the window), then double-click the analysis code you wish to edit (more on Analysis Codes: #ANLADET01).
  5. Enter the Banking analysis code that you wish to use. The code you enter should not be longer than 5 characters. If you are prompted whether you'd like to add this item to the suppliers table, select Yes. Repeat this process for any other Receipt analysis codes that you wish to include in the bank total on the Trial Balance report.
  6. When you are finished editing your receipt analysis codes, click OK and Done to save & close the Analysis Code section.
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