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Rental Audit report (#RPTRAR01)

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About the Rental Audit report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Auditing. This is an excellent tool to check for any anomalies in the billing of Customers. It will pick up Customers where there is a difference between what you would expect to have been billed and what has actually been billed.

You enter the start date that you want to check transactions from. The default date is the very earliest transaction date, but if you are running this report regularly you will probably want to only check transactions dated during the last month.

The report will pick up things like charges that you would expect to see on an Agreement for that month, but that are missing from the Agreement’s list of transactions. It would also pick up rental charges that have overlapping dates.

You will need to investigate the items that the report picks up, and make any necessary changes. A good thing to look at when checking these transactions is the period that the transaction relates to. You can check this by looking at the “Relates to the Period from” dates which can be seen when you open an individual transaction.

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