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Overdues report (#RPTOVD01)

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About the Overdue's report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Management. This report will show you all Agreements whose balance owing is more than the Minimum Balance for Arrears specified under System Setup. You can change the minimum balance for arrears by going to Maintenance / System Setup and the Facility tab.

There are two options for this report:

1. All overdue – all Agreements whose balance owing is more than the minimum balance for arrears.

2. Balance owing is greater than the minimum balance for arrears as well as being greater than the Agreement’s deposit amount. The deposit amount is shown on the Agreement Info screen of the individual Agreement.


This report shows the Customer name and whether they currently have access to the site. It shows the Berth(s) / Unit(s) / Vault(s) occupied by the Customer, the last bill date, the next bill date, any billing plan discount that has been applied, the total amount overdue, and a split of that amount so you can see how much is overdue rent, how much is late fees, and how much relates to other charges.

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