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Occupancy report (#RPTOCC01)

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20140218 (Andy)   Pro, MultiUser, MultiSite, MultiView   Self Storage EditionMarina EditionVault Edition   9.X (and higher)   n/a
  • This report can be exported to Microsoft Excel by setting the Print Location (see #SYSSETSPL01).

About the Occupancy report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Berth / Unit / Vault. This report shows detailed information about your business's occupancy. It lists each Berth / Unit / Vault type and shows you how many of those are occupied & how many are vacant. It also shows you your occupancy rate as a percentage of the number of Berths / Units / Vaults, of the area and of the value.

Note: If you wish to view this report with subsets of buildings or different item types (ie: mailboxes, mobile storage, etc) you will need to add a building location to all affected Berths / Units / Vaults using the Berths / Units / Vaults option on the Maintenance menu.

Note: The report dialog also includes an option for calculating the occupancy at a particular date. When selecting this option, be aware that future-dated move-ins will not be included.Note: From time to time you may have overlapping Berth / Unit / Vault history dates. This can happen if, for example, you accidentally moved a Customer into one Berth / Unit / Vault, realised you didn't want them in that Berth / Unit / Vault, and moved them back out again with a move-out date earlier than the move-in date; If you then attempt to run an occupancy report for a date other than today, StorMan will tell you that you have Berth / Unit / Vault history errors that you need to correct before you can run an occupancy report. To fix Unit History Errors, see: #ERRUHE01.

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