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Insurance Owing report (#RPTIOWR01)

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  • This report can be exported to Microsoft Excel by setting the Print Location (see #SYSSETSPL01).

About the Insurance Owing report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Insurance. This report shows all active Agreements which are listed as owing insurance. The Policy number, Ins Value and commencement date are entered on the individual Agreements under the Access & Insurance tab. The Expiry date on this tab is the Next Due date on the report and is incremented to the next bill date when the rent and insurance is billed (either through daily processing or through bill next charges).

The Insurance Owing is calculated based on the insurance charges that are not matched to any payment transactions. An Agreement’s unpaid transactions are shown at the bottom of the Agreement’s Transaction page, and is split between rent, late fees, insurance and ‘other’ charge transactions.

Note: If you think there is an Agreement on your Insurance Owing report which should not be on it, please be aware that where you have a Customer who pays so erratically that the amounts paid do not correspond to the amounts charged, the payments received are not able to be matched off to the Agreement’s charges; It is impossible in these cases to tell whether the payments made were for rent or for other charges; If, after looking at the individual Agreement concerned you are satisfied that they should not be appearing on this report, you can clear them from this report by splitting the payment transaction so that you have two payment transactions with exactly the same dates, but one with the amount of the insurance and the other with the amount of the remainder of the insurance; This will mean that you can manually match part of the payment to the insurance that has been charged.
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