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EventLog Exceptions report (#RPTELER01)

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About the EventLog Exceptions report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Auditing. The EventLog Exceptions Report shows certain types of changes that have been made to the StorMan database. There are twenty-five different types of changes that can be selected to report on. These types of changes are listed below:

  • Startup / Shutdown & System Events
  • System Setup Changes
  • Changes to Users / Access Levels
  • Modifications to Analysis Codes
  • Modifications to Billing Plans
  • Modifications to Notices /  Letters
  • Modifications to Marketing Types
  • Modifications to Berths / Units / Vaults
  • Non Active Agreements Reactivated
  • Mod of NextBillDate / PaidToDate / LateCycleDate
  • Modification of Rental Increase
  • Modification of Insurance
  • Modification of Notice Plan
  • Modification of any Customer details
  • Deletion of Transaction
  • Any Transaction Negative Amount
  • Modification of Trx Date
  • Modification of Trx Amount
  • Trx DiscAmt greater than zero
  • Modification of Trx Date Banked
  • Modification of Trx Date From / To
  • Addition of new Letter
  • Modification of Reservation ExpMoveInDate
  • Emails sent / received
  • Modification of Customer Note


The types of transactions to be reported on can be selected from Maintenance then Email and Event Log. The Print Event Log tab contains the above list. Select the items you want to report on by ticking individual items or using Select All and unticking the items you don’t want to report on.

For a MultiView Customer, this needs to be set up for each site. The report is located under Reports, Auditing then EventLog Exceptions Report. The dialog below will be displayed...

EventLog Exceptions Report

  • Print events since last report will print everything in the EventLog that has not yet been printed (every event that does not have a ‘date printed’ set).
  • Include Adminsupport events will include events created by StorMan Support - although be aware if any large processes were run by StorMan Support during the report period you may end up printing a lot of paper!
  • For StorMan MultiView users: If you are a StorMan MultiView user & you have selected your Head Office in the small site window in the right hand side, the additional MultiView box (not shown) allows you to select which sites you want to print will also appear in the dialog box.


Event types are grouped together and, if printed from MultiView, will print one report for each selected site, as shown below...
EventLog Exceptions Report

Please ntoe: This report does not replace the Print Event Log option under 'Maintenance', then 'View or Print Event Log', which will continue to print a list of all events (regardless of whether they fit into the selected categories).

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