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Customer Balances report (#RPTCBAL01)

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  • This report is accurate for accounting purposes

About the Customer Balances report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Accounting. Enter the month end date for the report. The report will show the balances and charges / payments for individual Customers, with totals at the bottom of the report, however you can choose to only print the totals. It is recommended that you print one copy of the full Customer balances report at the end of the month.

This report shows all Customers, whether active or inactive, who have a non-zero balance at the end of the month, or who have had charges and /or payments applied during the month. The report also includes all charges and payments that were not applied to any particular Customer but were made as cash sales – this will be shown under the MISCL Customer on the report.


There are 4 columns on the report:

  • Prev Month Balance – should equal last month’s Bal Mth End
  • Total Charges – The total charged during the month – Should equal the month’s Income Charged Report.
  • Total Payments – Payments received for the month – Should equal the month’s Income Received Report.
  • Bal Mth End – The balance as at the month end date.
  • Current Balance – The balance as at the moment the report is run.


Note: You can change the way this report is sorted by changing the reporting system preference. This is under Maintenance, System Setup, then the Reports & Refunds tab. Using the option Report column display you can control whether to print this report by Berth No. / Unit No. / Vault No. or by Customer Code. If printing by Berth / Unit / Vault No, the Berth / Unit / Vault No is what will appear in the first column of the report. If Printing by Customer Code, the Agreement No will be printed in the first column. Note: This report is sorted by Customer code, and not by Customer name
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