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Cash Received Analysis report (#RPTCRAR01)

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  • This report is intended for use only with the Cash accounting method.

About the Cash Received Analysis report

This report is accessed via Reports, then Accounting. This report shows payments that have been received and provides details of the Customer the payment relates to and how those payments have been applied against the charges for that Customer. The report is sorted by transaction date. The report has 8 columns which show the split of the various charge analysis codes.

These columns are determined by the sort order of the charge analysis codes under Maintenance -> Analysis Codes; There are 8 columns and the column headers will be the first instance of the sort order numbers 1-7, plus an ‘Other’ column for the remaining analysis codes.

It is possible that you have several analysis codes with the same sort order, for example you may have several different types of cardboard boxes, each with a sort order of 5. The column header for the cardboard boxes will be the name of the first one in that list, unless you tick the Header on Report Column tick box on the analysis code that you want to appear as the report column header.

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cash received analysis report

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