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Key Data section showing incorrect figures (#RPTKDINAC01)

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Why is my Key Data section showing inaccurate figures?

On occasions, the Key Data section (shown below) can show incorrect data if Daily Processing (more on Daily Processing: #DLYWISDP01) has not been run before, or if certain processes have not been run, or are not completing / calculating correctly in StorMan.

Key Data section of the StorMan Dashboard


How can I correct the data on my Key Data screen?

To correct the Key Data, you will need to run the Check Activity process, as detailed below.

  1. Select Check Activity from the Accounting menu.
  2. If it is the Occupancy figure that is incorrect on your Key Data section, then select the second option (Recalculate Daily Occupancy, Areas and Values). If it is another figure that is incorrect, select the first option (Recalculate Activity Totals). Note: The tick box 'Recalculate Arrears as well' is used for recalculating the arrears on the bottom of the Key Statistics Report (more on this report: #RPTKSR01).

  3. Ensure that the date range includes the current day, then run the Check Activity function.
  4. The top-left section of the StorMan window should flicker momentarily to show the Check Activity process. Once complete, the figures should now be correct.


My figures are still incorrect. What now?

Keep in mind that the Key Data section doesn't take into account future-dated move-ins. If your data is still correct after taking this into account, please contact StorMan Support as some further investigation will be required.

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