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Custom Designed Reports - Fixing NANs (#RPTCDRFN01)

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Fixing NAN's

A NAN (Not A Number) occurs when a field that is meant to contain a number, does not. NAN's often cause blanks in reports (more on reports with blank fields: #RPTBLKS01), because reports generally use calculation scripts that, obviously, are unable to calculate when a field contains something other than a number.


How do I fix NAN's?

Instructions for using StorMan's NAN-search function are provided below.

  • Note: This function is only recommend for use by advanced users & StorMan technical support agents (hence we haven't posted much information here). For assistance, please ask Technical Support. Oh, and always make a backup!
  1. Make a backup of your StorMan datafile.
  2. Select the More Reports menu, then Custom Designed Reports.
  3. Select the relevant table in which to search for NAN's using the Table selector floating window. The Transactions table is generally the one to look for NAN's in.
  4. From the Select menu, choose the Repair NAN's option (near the bottom). Use the dropdown provided to select the field that you'd like to search in (you can also select to search for All Numbers if required), and press OK to begin the search.
  5. If StorMan finds NAN's, you will then be prompted to repair them (set them to zero). If not, then no NAN's were found in the selected table using your search parameters.

If you ran this procedure because some of your reports contained blanks, please try running the reports again after running the above procedure. If the problem with your reports still persists, please contact StorMan Support.


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