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Batch Print or Email Reports (#RPTBPOEML01)

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What does the Batch Print or Email Reports option do?

This option allows you to generate multiple StorMan reports at once, and then print or email them. StorMan MultiView users can use the tool over multiple sites at once to save time & effort.


Can you setup periodic batch reporting?

Yes; please refer to #RPTBPOEMLPR01.


How do I use Batch Print or Email Reports?

  1. If you intend on using the email function, ensure you have a PDF writer or PDF creation-tool installed on your system and enabled in StorMan. If you only wish to use the batch-print function, please skip ahead to Step 9 below.
  2. Log into StorMan as a user with Admin-like permissions (using File, then Login As).
  3. Navigate to Maintenance , and choose Email & Event Log Setup.

  4. Click on the Send Details tab (as shown below) . This tab is used to setup the email address where you wish to send your batch of reports to. Use Add to add a new email address to the list. Send Details tab

  5. In the Send code column, enter R to tell StorMan that you are setting up a Report code (as per the description at the top of the Send Details screen).
  6. TAB or click across to the Name column, and enter the name of the person receiving the email reports.

  7. TAB or click across to the Email address column, and enter the email address of the person receiving the email reports. Use Add to add further users, if you wish reports to go to multiple email recipients.

  8. Click OK to save & close this screen.

  9. To batch print or email a selection of reports, select the Reports menu, and then choose the Batch Print or Email Reports option. Batch Print or Email Reports

  10. Enter the date for which you wish to run the reports, then choose whether or not you are printing or emailing the batch of reports.

  11. Select the reports that you wish to batch and click Generate to begin the process. If any reports normally require some form of input from the user via a normal dialog, these dialogs will appear during the report generation process.

  12. Once complete, StorMan will begin either printing the reports, or batching them into an email message, which you can then send using StorMan's email section (more on sending & receiving email: #EMLSRE01).



On Friday November 21st, 2008 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of setting up the Batch Print or Email function in StorMan. You can download / view the webcast recording below...




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