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Recalculate Balances (#RFRCBAL01)

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What is Recalculate Balances?

The Recalculate Balances function checks financial data for the specified Customer, and recalculates all data to ensure the resulting balances for said Customer are correct, in all relevant parts of the StorMan database. This function is generally used when a Customers total balance is showing different values in different places (when they should be the same).

The Recalculate Balance function is also used for recalculating inventory item totals, move-in dates and rent-from & rent-to dates.


How do I run Recalculate Balances?

  1. Select the Accounting menu, then choose Recalculate Balances. The dialog will now open, as shown below.

    Recalculate Balances

  2. Select whether you wish to recalculate the balances for all Agreements and Reservations, or just a single one (enter the relevant Customer Code or Agreement / Reservation Number if you select the second option). Generally, we only recommend recalculating for one entity at a time.
  3. Now choose your options as described below...

    • Check matching is most commonly used in a Recalculate Balances process. It checks the Customer's transaction matching to ensure all is correct.
    • Inventory item quantities will recalculate any inventory item quantity balances.
    • Round transaction amounts will search through all transactions for any amounts that are not rounded to 2 decimal places. If it finds any, they will be rounded. This option should only be used when advised by one of our Support Agents.
    • Check Berth move in dates / Check Item move in dates / Check Unit move in dates / Check Vault move in dates will search through all the Berths / Units / Vaults for any occupied ones that have a move in date of 00/00/00 and sets them to equal the current Agreement's move in date. It will also check the Berth's / Unit's / Vault's Last Rental Increase Date and if it is less than the Unit's move in date, will set it to be the same. This option should only be used when advised by one of our Support Agents.
    • Set rent to and from dates on transactions will search for any move out Rental Fee's (Pro-rata's) and checks the date vs. the Agreement's move out date. If it is different, it fixes them. This option should only be used when advised by one of our Support Agents.
  4. Click OK to begin the Recalculate Balances process, using the selected options. The top-left section of the StorMan window should flicker momentarily to show the process. Once complete, the balance figure in question should now be correct.


What if my Customer's balance is still incorrect?

Please contact StorMan Support for assistance.

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