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Check Activity (#RFCHKACT01)

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What is Check Activity?

The Check Activity function checks activity such as move ins, move outs, reservations and calculates the data StorMan uses for analytical reports such as the Key Statistics report (more on this: #RPTKSR01).


How do I run Check Activity?

  1. Select the Accounting menu, then choose Check Activity. The Check Activity dialog will now open, as shown below.

    Check Activity

  2. Enter a start date, from when you would like StorMan to check activity from. This date should never be more than 30 days into the past, due to the fact that it can cause the activity calculation to be incorrect (if Unit areas change, etc).

  3. Enter an end date, from when you would like StorMan to checking activity to. Whatever date range you enter, ensure it includes the current day.

  4. Select the first option if you are running a standard Check Activity operation - this option just checks the totals. However, if you are running Check Activity because the Occupancy figure is incorrect on your Key Statistics report (more on this report showing incorrect figures: #RPTKSINAC01), then select the second option, entitled Recalculate Daily Occupancy, Areas and Values. Note: The tick box 'Recalculate Arrears as well' is used for recalculating the arrears on the bottom of the Key Statistics Report (more on this report: #RPTKSR01).
  5. Click OK to begin the Check Activity process, using the selected options. The top-left section of the StorMan window should flicker momentarily to show the Check Activity process. Once complete, the figures should now be correct.

What if my figures are still incorrect?

Please contact StorMan Support for assistance.

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