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Rent Change (increase or decrease) via Manually adjusting Customers Agreement (#RCMACC01)

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How do I perform a rent change (increase / decrease) via Manually adjusting a Customers Agreement?

  1. Open the Agreement relating to the Customer you wish to manually change.
  2. If the Customer has more than one Berth / Unit / Vault on this particular Agreement, locate the one that you wish to change the rent of.

    New Rent for the Berth / Unit / Vault you wish to adjust, and enter the new amount, as shown below. Note: As per the screenshot below, you can also set a future-dated rent change for Other recurring charges too.Manually increasing the rent on an agreement
  3. Then TAB or click across into the Incr From field and enter the date that you wish the rent amount to change on. Note: If you have a Rent Change letter, email or SMS setup on the notice plan that this Customer is on, be sure to give this letter time to send. In other words, if your Rent Change letter, email or SMS is setup to be sent 25 days before the rent change takes effect, but the date you enter above for the rent change is only 10 days away, the Customer will never get the automated notice informing them that their rent amount is about to change. Read more on specially-named Notices, like the Rent Change Notice: #NTCNWSN01. That said, you can still manually send this Customer a Rent Change letter or email manually using the options provided on the AutoPay & Notices tab (more on this tab: #AGTTAB401).
  4. Click OK to save any changes & close the Agreement. The rent change will now take effect at the date specified.

Note: When you change a Customer's rent using a scheduled rent increase or rent decrease, Daily Processing may print updated AutoPay forms for affected customers. For information on why this happens & how to change this setting, see #DLYAPFDDP01.

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