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Rent Change (increase or decrease) via automatic always-running rule (#RCAAR01)

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How do I perform a rent change via an automatic always-running rule?

Note: Before saving or running a rent change rule, ensure you have a Notice (be it print or email) on each of your Notice Plans (more on Notice Plans: #NTCPLNABT01) to inform Customers that their rental amount is due to change. If you don't have a rent change letter on each Notice Plan, many of your Customers will wonder why you have change their rent without telling them! You can find sample rent change templates in our downloads section & you can find out more about setting up a rent change letter via #NTCNWSN01.

  1. Open the Rent Change Rules section by selecting Maintenance, then Rent Change Rules.

  2. To add a new Rent Change Rule, click Add New.

  3. Enter a Rent Change rule number (generally always 0 for the first rule, 1 for the second rule, 2 for the third rule, and so on), and then enter a description for the rule. For example: You could enter "10% after 6M" for a rental increase of 10% after storing for 6 months.

  4. In the Rent Adjustment section, specify how you want the rent for applicable Customers to be adjusted - either by a fixed amount (e.g. $50), a percentage (e.g. 10%), or to use whatever the current Berth / Unit / Vault rates are set to, in the Types & Rates section (more on adding Berth / Unit / Vault Types: #UNTADTP01).

  5. In the Search Criteria section, use the options provided to search for Customers who the increase will be applied to. Note: Think carefully about how you setup your Rent Change Rule. Once a rule is activated, it is easy to forget that it's been activated, because it runs automatically in the background each time you run Daily Processing - continually searching for Customers that meet your criteria, and applying the rent change instructions you've given it, each & every time it runs.
  6. Click on the Preview tab at the top to preview the rule. In other words, this will run the search criteria you've specified, over any current Customers - to see who meets the criteria if you were to activate and / or run this rule now.

  7. Return to the Rules tab, and adjust the rule again if necessary. To run the rule right now, click Run rule now. However, in most cases, you would not run it immediately - but rather wait until the next time Daily Processing was run. If you wish to activate the rule so that it begins running next time you run Daily Processing (and every time after that, until you deactivate it), click Run rule during Daily Processing.

  8. Click OK to save any changes & close the rule.

Note: When you change a Customer's rent using a scheduled rent increase or rent decrease, Daily Processing may print updated AutoPay forms for affected customers. For information on why this happens & how to change this setting, see #DLYAPFDDP01.

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