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Other Credit Sale - Tab 1: General Info (#OCSTAB101)

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Other Credit Sale - Tab 1: General Info

  1. Core window elements (around the edge):Other Credit Sales - Tab 1
    • The number near the top-left of the window is the unique number assigned to this Other Credit Sale.
    • Regular Billing / Adhoc Billing (near the top-right of the window) specifies whether this Other Credit Sale is to be processed as part of Daily Processing (more on Daily Processing: #DLYWISDP01) for billing on a regular basis (e.g.: billing the Customer for monthly shelving hire on an ongoing basis), or whether it's an ad-hoc credit sale, for use with the associated Customer on a non-regular basis (e.g.: selling boxes on 'an account' to a removalist company every now and then; i.e. on an ad-hoc basis).
    • Customer Code (bottom left of window) shows this Customer's unique Customer code.
    • Primary Phone shows the Customer's primary phone number; Set lets you change which number is to be the primary one shown here (more on this: #CUSSPPN01).
    • Creator shows the StorMan username that was logged in at the time of creating the Other Credit Sale (more on Users & Groups: #USRGRPABT01).
    • Next bill is the date when this Customer is next due to be billed.
  2. Other window elements: Other Credit Sales - Tab 1
    • Move In Date is the date when the Other Credit Sale was originally moved in for (this is not necessarily the creation date, because you can move-in in the future, as well as in the past).
    • Next bill date is the date when this Customer is next due to be billed. This is normally 1 day after the 'Paid to' date (bottom-right of the window).
    • Notice Plan number shows the Notice Plan that this Customer is on. It relates to the Notice Plan number that you use when you create Notice Plans (more on this: #NTCPLNSTP01). So if this Customer is on Notice Plan number 0, then they will receive all applicable letters, emails and / or SMS's as assigned on Notice Plan 0, at the timing points as set out in the setup of Notice Plan 0.
    • Custom late fee amt allows you to enter a custom late fee amount for this Customer only - it is, in essence, an override. If you leave this field blank, this Customer will be charged the standard late fee amounts, as per the Notice Plan they are on (see the above point). However, if you set this to a higher amount, then for this Customer only, they will be charged a higher late fee than everyone else on the same Notice Plan, every time they are due for one.
    • Security password allows you to set a security password for the Customer. Generally, you would ask the Customer to supply this to you before discussing account-related information with them over the phone. This password field is also used for website payments (aka StorMan Online Payments), and is used when Customers log in and make account payments via your website.
    • Prior Bill date shows the date of the bill prior to the last one (see point below).
    • Last Bill date is the date that the Customer was last billed.
    • Last Bill amount shows the amount that the Customer was last billed.
    • Last Bill Plan shows the code (made up of the Facility Code + Billing Plan Code; for example: SSCTYMO) of the most recently used Billing Plan, when said plan is used on the Other Credit Sale.
    • Discount amount shows the amount of the last discount. For example: If the Customer was billed $700 (with a $250 discount), then you would see $450 in the 'Last Bill amount' field and $250 in the 'Discount amount' field.
    • Call taken by displays the username of the operator who originally entered the Sales Enquiry that was converted to this Other Credit Sale (if applicable).
    • Billing plan allows you to select the billing plan assigned to this Customer. This will instruct StorMan to bill any of the items (in the 'Other recurring charges' section underneath) at the frequency as setup in this billing plan (more on Billing Plans: #BLPLNSU01).
    • Other recurring charges allows you to specify what you would like billed at the frequency of the abovementioned billing plan (see above point). Use the green + and red x to add and remove items from this list.
    • New Amnt and Incr From allow you to automatically set a price increase or decrease for any of the individual recurring charges. Just enter the new amount and the date at which to apply it, and StorMan will take care of the rest.
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