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What is a Notice (#NTCABT01)

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What is a Notice?

In StorMan a Notice is, essentially, a form of client communication - Notices can be letters, emails or SMS (text) messages. Notices can also be triggered to include invoices as attachments, can be setup to bill rent, or charge a fee (e.g. a late fee) and can also be setup to trigger certain access control system events (e.g. lock the Customer out at the gate, or allow access once more, etc). Notices with no timing points can be sent at will and will not be sent to anyone unless manually triggered.


Can I customise the look of a Notice?

Absolutely; using the Notice Design tab in the Notice Details editor (more on setting up a notice: #NTCSTP01).


Can I insert database fields into a Notice?

Yes, by using Insert 4D references, which will automatically insert your desired 4D database reference into your letter, SMS or email where you choose it to appear (more on setting up a Notice: #NTCSTP01).


Are there any Notices with special names?

Yes, please refer to: #NTCNWSN01.


Can I have multiple Notices?

Yes! You can have as many Notices as you like - however, only one Notice can be sent per timing point. For example, if you have a communication triggered to send 10 days before the payment due date, then nothing else on the same Notice Plan can be setup to be triggered to send 10 days before the payment due date (more on Notice Plans: #NTCPLNABT01).


Can I group Notices together?

Yes, Notices need to be grouped together by using Notice Plan numbers (more on Notice Plans: #NTCPLNABT01).




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