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Using tables in Printed Notices (#NTCLTTABL01)

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How do I get to the Notice printed letter editor?

The printed letter editor is accessed via the Notice Design tab within the Notice Plans setup section (more on this tab: #NTCTAB201).


Adding tables / Using tables in your printed Notice (letter)

  1. Select Maintenance then Notice Plans.
  2. Double-click on the Notice you wish to edit, or click Add to create a new one (if adding a new Notice, some additional steps are required, as per article #NTCSNDINV01).
  3. Navigate to the Notice Design tab (more on this tab: #NTCTAB201) and click the button to open the editor.
  4. In the letter editor, select File then Page Setup.
  5. Locate the Margins section and adjust all four fields (left, right, top and bottom) to 5. Click OK to save the margin adjustments.
  6. In the Tools menu, select Table Wizard.
  7. Select a Table Type from the dropdown, then set your desired Rows and Columns. Select a suitable Font and Size.
  8. On the Columns tab, adjust any settings as required. You may wish to check the Fixed Width preferences in the Format section (by enabling Fixed Width, you can set the width of the column manually).
  9. On the Rows tab, adjust any settings as required. You may wish to make the shading of First Row (the header) darker than the others. You can also set the shading for your odd and even rows. Border adjustment & line spacing is also possible.
  10. Click OK to insert your new table.
  11. Add content to your table as required. Note: If your text overlaps onto the next line & doesn't position or align itself correctly, simply click at the start of the wrapped line and press the TAB key a few times to re-align the text as needed.
  12. When you are finished editing, select File then Return to Form to jump back to the Notices screen.




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