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Using the Letter Notice editor (#NTCLTREDT01)

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How do I get to the Notice printed letter editor?

This printed letter editor is accessed via the Notice Design tab within the Notice Plans setup section (more on this tab: #NTCTAB201).


Using the letter editor to create an printed Notice

Printed letter Notice Editor

  • Use the menu along the top (not shown) to access common functions such as New, Save & Open (found on the File menu), Copy, Cut & Paste (found on the Edit menu), plus Style, Color, Paragraph & Formatting tools; some of which are replicated on the toolbar (as shown in the screenshot above).
  • To insert a database reference (known as a 4D Expression), select Insert then 4D Expression. More on using references within printed Notices: #NTCURPN01. Pictures / images can also be inserted as references (more on Notice Graphics: #NTCAITNG01).
  • We recommend setting the view to 'Page' view, as the more-closely resembles what the document would look like when printed (margins are shown in this mode, whereas they are hidden in 'Normal' view). You can set this via View, then Page.
  • Type your wording into the main body of the word processor. Grey fields are database references that reference information from the database at the tim of printing - such as the recipients name, their Agreement number, etc. You can toggle between displaying the reference name and the actual data, click [  ] in the toolbar.
  • You can set your margins via the File, then Page Setup menu option.
  • When you have finished your document, select File, then Return to Form to return to StorMan.


Can I add tables in printed Notices (letters)?

Yes, see #NTCLTTABL01.


Can I add images or pictutres in printed Notices (letters)?

Yes, this is done via the Notice Graphics section - which allows you to add images and then reference them from within your printed document. See #NTCAITNG01.



On Monday October 26th 2015, we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of creating a printed Notice. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...





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