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Using the Email Notice editor (#NTCEMLEDT01)

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How do I get to the Notice email editor?

This email editor is accessed via the Notice Design tab within the Notice Plans setup section (more on this tab: #NTCTAB201).


Using the email editor to create an email Notice

Email Notice Editor

  • Subject is where you enter the email subject for the Notice. You can also use Database References in the subject line (the Insert Fields button can be used to obtain the text used to display the reference; you'll then need to cut it from the Email Notice's message body and paste it into the Email Notice's subject).
  • In the Message body, enter the main content for your email message. Use the tools provided on the editor to change the font formatting, style, colour, etc. You can also add tables, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc. Most HTML tags are also supported, by clicking HTML. Note: StorMan uses the third-party TinyMCE editor. You find out more about using this editor via the Documentation link on the TinyMCE website.
  • Insert Field will display a list of database references that you can insert into your email. Upon generation of the email, these references will be replaced with the relevant data from the database. A list of common references is available via #NTCRFCM01. Note for Mac users: When inserting fields into the email, the email editor will add the word ‘Untitled’ at the top of the Notice and will insert the desired field at the bottom of any existing text. As such, you will either need to re-type the notice (and insert fields as you go), or you will need to cut & paste each field to it’s proper place. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to devise a fix.
  • Image Manager lets you drag & drop external images into the editor for use within your email message. Click x to delete the corresponding image.
  • Use the Import icon (bottom right) to open an email Notice from an external file.
  • Use the Export icon (bottom right) to save your email Notice to an external file.



On Friday November 13th 2015, we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of creating an email Notice. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...





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