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Setting up a Notice (#NTCSNDINV01)

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Setting up a Notice

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu, then select Notices.
  2. The listing of Notices will now appear. To add a new Notice to the system, click Add New.
  3. The Notice creation screen will now open (as shown below). Begin by entering a name for your Notice. Notice Setup
  4. Now set the Notice plan number for this Notice. For example: If you have all of your commercial Customers on Notice plan 3, and you want this particular Notice to go to all commercial Customers, then you would put this Notice on Notice Plan 3.Note: There is a special Notice Plan (Notice Plan 9), which is used for forms. Forms can be printed by clicking Print Form on a Customers AutoPay/Notices tab (more on this tab: #AGTTAB401).
  5. In the Send this notice field, enter the number of days before (or after) a trigger point that you wish to have the Notice sent; choose before or after as desired, followed by the actual trigger point that you'd like to use to trigger the Notice to activate. Note: The maximum number of days is '999'. However, keep in mind that for recurring Notices (such as Notices sent for rental billings), the number of days should not exceed '28' (ie. the number of days in the shortest month of the year) - otherwise customers will never receive the Notice and thus, may not get billed.Note: If this Notice is not being sent based on a trigger point (such as a sales enquiry letter) and you wish to send this Notice on an ad-hoc basis, leave this field blank.

    Note: If designing a 'late' Notice (for sending when the customer is late in paying their account), it is up to you whether to trigger the Notice off the Paid To Date (PTD), or the Late Cycle Start Date (LCSD). Most people will trigger their notices off the LCSD, as the PTD can jump around a bit - particularly if you have customers that don't pay the correct amount, or make part-payments. As such, we recommend triggering any 'late' Notices off the LCSD.
  6. Complete any relevant options on the remaining tabs as required (more on Tab 1: #NTCTAB101, more on Tab 2: #NTCTAB201, more on Tab 3: #NTCTAB301).
  7. Click OK to save & close your Notice & return to the Notices listing screen.

  8. Click Done to return to the main StorMan screen.


Video (SMS Notice setup):

On Monday November 22nd, 2010 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of setting up SMS notices. You can download / view the webcast recording below...

  • SMS Notices
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