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Sending an invoice with a Notice (#NTCSNDINV01)

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How do I send (or include) an invoice with a Notice?

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance menu, then select Notice Plans.
  2. In most cases, you will want to send an invoice with your Reminder Notice - but there's no reason why you couldn't include an invoice with your Late notices as well, if you wanted to. Double-click on the Notice you wish to edit, to open it.

  3. The Notice preferences window will now open. At the bottom of the first tab (called Notice Setup), you will see a checkbox titled Always attach an invoice. Tick this box if you wish to include an invoice with this particular Notice.


  4. If you need to enable or check this setting for your other Notices, click Previous & Next to cycle through your Notices. When done, click OK to close the Notice preferences window.

  5. Now click Done to close the Notices screen. When Daily Processing next triggers your letters, they will now send with invoices if you have set them up to do so... as an attachment (if you're emailing them) or as a printed paper sheet (if you're printing them).





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