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Label Merge (printing labels) (#NTCLABMG01)

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How do I perform & print a Label Merge from StorMan?

  1. Open Custom Designed Reports from the More Reports menu.
  2. Using the dropdown list (table selector) at the top-right, select either the Customers table (for those who store with you via Agreements; more on this: #AGTABT01), or the Contacts table (for Sales Enquiries; more on this: #SAENQABT01).

  3. Next, build your search query using the Select menu, then Search. The query window will open, which you can use to build a query to met your requirements. For example: Where the Customers' postcode is within a range of numbers (ie: where the Customer's postcode is greater than 2000 but less than 2100). Once you have built your query, click 'Query' to run your query on the selected records.

  4. Now go to Select then Print Labels. Drag the fields that you wish to show (on your label) from the left, onto the label on the right. Note: Although some fields (like [Customer]MailPostZIPCode - for displaying the Customer's mailing ZIP/postcode) appear to be quite long, they will be much shorter once printed - as ZIP/postcodes are generally quite short.
  5. Once you have added the required fields to the label, click on the Layout tab to change the dimensions of the labels to suit (found via the Unit field). You can then adjust the number of labels that you can print (per page for your paper size) by increasing the number of Labels Across and Labels Down. The preview on the right side will give you an idea of what your changes will look like. It may help to tick the Automatic Resizing field, as this will resize the labels according to the number per page you have selected.
  6. Once you have all the options you wish, click Print. You will have the option to preview your labels before printing.




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