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Adding images to Notice Graphics (#NTCAITNG01)

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What is the Notice Graphics section used for?

StorMan's Notice Graphics section is used for adding images that you can then reference from within your printed & emailed Notices (more on setting up notices: #NTCSTP01).


How do I insert images into Notice Graphics

  1. Begin by opening an editing program such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.

    • If using Microsoft Word, select the option to insert an image, and insert your desired image / company logo into the document. Then highlight the image / company logo and use the handles at the sides to resize the image if you think it's too big for use in StorMan on your printed Notices. Once the size is correct, right-click it, and select Copy, to copy it to the computer's clipboard.
    • If using Adobe Photoshop, use the tools to resize the image or logo (if required), then copy the image into the computer's clipboard. Note: We have found that for most letters & invoices, a logo size of size 111px (width) by 87px (height) seems to work best.
  2. Switch over to StorMan, and select Maintenance then Notice Graphics.
  3. The Notice Graphics section will now open. At the top, you will see 5 different tabs. In most cases you can leave it selected on Picture 1, but if you already have an image in this field, you may wish to select the next tab - until you find a tab with no images contained within.
  4. Once you've found a blank tab to use, click anywhere in the background area; it should turn black. Now press CTRL+ V (on PC) or COMMAND + V (on Mac) to 'Paste' the image from the computer's clipboard into the space provided on screen. You should see your image within the background area now. This is the size at which your image or logo will appear within any documents you include it on, in StorMan... so if it's too big (or too small), go back to Step 1 above, make adjustments to the size of the image or logo and try the steps again.
  5. Click OK to save & close Notice Graphics. You have now added an image into Notice Graphics, which you can now reference from printed letters & emails in StorMan by inserting a reference to the graphic you just added.



On Tuesday 10th February, 2015 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of Using Graphics in Notices. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...



How do I put these images onto my invoices, printed Notices or emailed Notices?

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