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Take payment for other site (#MVTPFOS01)

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What is the Take Payment for Other Site function used for?

The take payment for other site function is used when one MultiView site wishes to take a payment for a Customer at another site within your group. For example, a Customer of Demo Storage Company's "Site A" happens to be driving past Demo Storage Company's "Site B" long as these sites use StorMan MultiView, this Customer can simply walk into "Site B" (in fact, any other site connected to MultiView) and pay their "Site A" invoice.


How do I use the Take Payment for Other Site function?

  1. From the MultiView menu, select Take payment for other site. This window will open, as shown below. MultiView - Take payment for other site
  2. Using the dropdown provided, select the site where the Customer is located and enter all (or part) of their Customer name. Optionally, you can enter their Berth / Unit / Vault or Agreement number to refine the search even further. If you are modifying a receipt that you (or someone else at your current site) had taken in the past, check the Modify an existing receipt we've taken checkbox. Click OK to continue.
  3. A new window will appear (as shown below), outlining any Customers that match your search. Select the Customer you wish to take a payment for, then click OK. MultiView - Search Results
  4. A payment window will appear, allowing you to take a payment for your selected Customer. The window will also show some information about the Customer (including the amount they owe) to assist you in ensuring the Customer pays the correct amount (where applicable).
  5. Click OK the complete the process.
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