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Remote Desktop Connection - How to exit (#MVRDCEXIT01)

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What is a Remote Desktop Connection?

When you log into your StorMan Hosted MultiView computer, you will generally do so using a program called Microsoft Remote Desktop. This program allows you to use a "remote desktop" on another server - in this case, our server - as we host your MultiView system for you (hence the name "StorMan Hosted MultiView").

How to exit a Remote Desktop Connection

When you are finished using the Remote Desktop on our server, there are two ways to "exit" (quit) the Microsoft Remote Desktop program...

  • Disconnecting from the Remote Server
  • Logging Off from the Remote Server


...but how to they differ and what do they do? Let's take a look at each method below.


Disconnecting from the Remote Server

This is generally done by selecting Start, then Disconnect. On some systems, the option will appear as Start, > (the arrow icon that appears next to Log off), then Disconnect - have a look at the first image below. You can also disconnect the session by clicking the X on the Remote Desktop Connection window - as per the second image below.

Disconnecting from the server does not end your session. It leaves all programs (that you had running on the server) running and all files (that you had open on the server) open. It utilises a Client Access Licence (CAL) on our server and potentially prevents another user from connecting if there are not enough available CALs available within our "pool".

Disconnecting a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

Disconnecting a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)


Logging Off from the Remote Server

This is generally done by selecting Start, then Log off - as shown below. This option ends your session on the server and closes any programs you may have open on the server. Once the log off process is complete, the CAL returns to the "pool" and allows another user to utilise it.

Logging off from a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

Which option is better?

We ask that you Log Off from the Remote Server. This free's-up the CAL for someone else and reduces server overheads - freeing up its resources to do better things, like serve those that are actually logged-in and actively using the Remote Desktop.

What happens if I stay logged in, but disconnect the session?

As of 1st July 2013, any disconnected StorMan Hosted MultiView sessions that are "idle" for longer than 60 minutes will be automatically logged off. This will return your CAL to the pool for others to utilise, and reducing server overheads.

So remember... once you are finished using the Remote Desktop, be sure to close any applications and save any open files, otherwise they will automatically close & end once the disconnected session reaches 60 minutes of idle time and the session is automatically terminated.

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