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Pay refunds from head office (#MVPRHO01)

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What is the Pay Refunds from Head Office function used for?

The Pay Refunds function under the Multiview menu enables you to handle the payment of refunds for all sites from the Head Office instead of from multiple sites. You can do this by either creating a batch to be sent to a bank for processing, or by printing refund cheque's.


How do I use the Pay Refunds from Head Office function?

When you select this option, you will be asked if you want to create a new batch or whether you are re-doing a prior batch. You would only re-do a prior batch if you found an error in the batch after you had created it. Enter the date of transactions that you want to process refunds up to. All refunds that have not yet been paid, up to and including the date you have entered, will form the batch to pay.

If you are re-doing a prior batch you need to enter the date of the prior batch. Please note that to be flagged as a refund, the transaction's analysis code must be the analysis code that you have selected as being the default for refund under Maintenance, then Analysis Codes. It will ask you if you want to print the schedule of refunds (recommended).

It will then create a batch file for sending to the bank or print the cheque's. Each refund transaction that has formed part of this process will be assigned a CCAuthno which is equal to the date of the batch, or the date of the cheque's, if cheque's are printed. The CCAuthNo will be in the format 20070403, being the batch for 3 April 2007.

Please note that if creating a batch for the bank, you will need to have collected the bank account details from your Customers. These should be entered on the Agreement's transaction page. One thing to note when running the batch for the first time - it will pick up all old refunds unless the CCAuthNo is first filled in - please contact StorMan Support for assistance with setting this up.

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