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Modify Facilities (#MVMODFAC01)

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What is the Modify Facilities function used for?

The Modify Facilities function under the MultiView menu is available for users at the Head Office site, and allows you to setup / configure your StorMan MultiView sites for each of the sites within your business.


How do I Add or Modify a site?

Select the MultiView menu, then Modify Facilities. The site listing will appear, which shows all of the current sites within your MultiView datafile. Double-click an existing site to modify it, or click the Add button to add a new one to the system. MultiView - Modify Facility

  • The number near the top-right of the window shows the current record number for this facility.
  • Facility code is the 5-letter code for the site (for example, DSCTY for the "Demo Storage company's City Site").
  • Facility name is the name of the site (for example, "Demo Storage City Site").
  • Facility Short name is a short version of the abovementioned site name. It's the name that appears in the floating window for MultiView users (more on this: #DBDFW01).
  • Email address and Phone fields are the email and phone contact details for this site.
  • Region and Category allows you to set the MultiView region and desired Category for this site (more on this: #TPCTWITC01).
  • Last update date and Last update time show when the site in question last synchronised with the head office site (if all sites are configured, up and syncing, then this should be a very recent date & time).
  • IP address shows the IP address where the most recent sync came from (see above last update date & time fields).
  • Force IP address check, if checked, will only allow data synchronisation to occur from the IP address specified in the IP address field above. This locks down MultiView so that data is only accepted from certain computers. This is handy to use if you open site datafile's on other computer to test things - it ensures that your efforts, tests and muckarounds don't get synchronised to a live, working datafile (assuming your live IP address is different to the one specified in the field above, of course)!
  • Bank Rec done at HOF, if checked, will not allow users at a site (other than Head Office) to perform bank reconciliation (more info: #ACTRBA01), regardless of their user-permissions (more info: #USRGRPABT01).
  • The remaining fields are generally only used by StorMan technical support agents.
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