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Copy / replicate Notices (to other sites) (#MVCRN01)

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Why would I want to copy / replicate settings to other sites?

If you use our MultiView product, you can replicate many common settings between sites. This allows you to standardise our operation and "cookie-stamp" (or clone) settings & configurations to new sites within a matter of minutes.

By using the 'Copy to all Facilities' function, you can copy the current settings & configurations to all (or a select number of other) sites within your MultiView environment at the push of a button.


How do I copy / replicate Insurance Rates to other sites?

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Insurance Rates.
  2. If you wish to copy / replicate ALL Insurance Rates to all (or a select number of other) sites, click Copy to all Facilities. If you only wish to transfer a select few Insurance Rates, highlight them on the screen (use your mouse with SHIFT or CTRL to assist), then click Copy to all Facilities. Note: If you do not see this button, please check that you are indeed running your sites via a StorMan MultiView environment or check with your area / head-office manager to see if your user-login has permission to use this setting.
  3. To copy / replicate the highlighted Insurance Rates to all sites, click Yes. Or, to copy / replicate the highlighted Insurance Rates to certain sites only, click Select Sites (then choose the sites in question). Your selected Insurance Rates will now be duplicated using the options selected. Of course, you may also click No which will cancel the operation.
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