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What is the map (#MAPWISMP01)

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What is the Map?

The StorMan Map is a live, visual representation of your site and your Berth / Unit / Vault statuses. The default map, when drawn for the first time (more on this: #MAPDRW01), simply has each of your Berths / Units / Vaults in the top-left corner. When you edit the map, you can drag these into the correct position to represent the physical layout of your site.


What does the map look like (in View Mode)?


  • The legend in the top-left corner of the map provides a colour-coded index to each of the colours on your map. Each colour in the key represents a different status (more on this: #UNTSTA01).
  • Edit Mode opens the map in a mode where you can edit it.
  • Print lets you print the map in either Colour or Monochrome modes (the latter is designed to give to Customers so that they cannot see which of your Berths / Units / Vaults are vacant, company, in repair, etc).
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out are self explanatory.


What does the map look like (in Edit Mode)?


  • Zoom In and Zoom Out, the object alignment tools and the drawing / text buttons are self explanatory.
  • Delete will remove the selected object.
  • The Select tool lets you select an object on your map.
  • Undo & Redo are self explanatory.
  • Set Colours allows you to set the colours for your various Berth / Unit / Vault statuses.
  • Background Colour lets you set the background colour for your selected object (except Berths / Units / Vaults). The background colour refers to the fill colour of an object.
  • Foreground Colour lets you set the foreground colour for your selected object (except Berths / Units / Vaults). The foreground colour refers to the border colour of an object.
  • Reset Unit Coordinates will reset the position of all Berths / Units / Vaults on your map and redraw them again in the upper corner of the map - as such, use this option with caution or make a backup of your datafile first (see our Index of Backup articles).
  • Remove Vertical Spacing & Remove Horizontal Spacing will perform the mentioned actions when multiple objects are highlighted.
  • Clear Custom Objects will delete any non Berths / Units / Vaults (ie. custom objects) from the map.
  • You can use the CTRL key to select a series of objects by clicking on them.


I run more than one monitor. Can I put the map on a different computer screen?

Yes, see: #MAPDMSM01.

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