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Drawing the map for the first time (#MAPDRW01)

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Drawing the map for the first time

Instructions on drawing Berths / Units / Vaults (for the first time) and positioning them onto the map are provided below. Note: Looking to edit an existing map? See: #MAPEEM01. If you need to redraw an existing map (using the latest Berth / Unit / Vault information), you no longer need to manually redraw the map - it's redrawn automatically every 30 seconds!


  1. Begin by opening the map by clicking the map icon on the StorMan Dashboard (more on this section: #DBDFM01).
  2. If you haven't opened the map before, StorMan will draw your Berths / Units / Vaults onto the map.
  3. The map will then open. Your Berths / Units / Vaults will appear in the top-left corner of the map (across the screen). Click Edit Mode to edit the map.

    Redrawn Units
  4. Select and then drag your Berths / Units / Vaults into position (you can use the align tools provided at the bottom if required). Use the various buttons provided to add text & shapes. You can use a combination of these shapes to draw plants & gardens, fire extinguishers and hose reels, etc. More on using these buttons: #MAPWISMP01.
  5. Click View Mode once you are finished working with the map, then OK to save & close the map.
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