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Invoice Setup - Tab 3: Invoice footer (#INVTAB301)

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20151009 (Andy)   Pro, MultiUser, MultiSite, MultiView   Self Storage EditionMarina EditionVault Edition   9.3.2 (and higher)   n/a
  • Did you know that StorMan has several ways to edit invoices? Explore the various methods & pick the one that's best for you via #INVCUST01.

Invoice Setup - Tab 3: Invoice footer

Invoice Setup - Tab 3
  • The footer dropdown near the top of the window allows you to select whether you wish to use the Standard (StorMan) footer with credit card section, the Standard (StorMan) footer without credit card section, or a custom footer.
  • Credit card brands allows you to specify the brands (or types) of credit card that you accept. Note: This only applies if you are using the Standard (StorMan) invoice footer with credit card section; see first bullet point, above.
  • The Footer Preview section towards the bottom of the window shows a preview of the footer that you currently have setup in the system.
  • InvFooter, when clicked, will open the invoice footer design tool.




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