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New Invoicing & Statement System (#INVNIS01)

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The new Invoicing & Statement system in StorMan v9.1 (and higher)

StorMan v9.1 (and higher) implements a new (optional) invoicing & statement system which operates more in line with the method & systems used in many other invoicing products worldwide.

  • The old (current) system would generate a different Invoice number for each Charge or Credit, whereas the new system will give each "set" of Charges or Credits an Invoice number and date.
  • The old (current) system used a combined Invoice / Receipt, whereas with the new system only Charges & Credits appear on an Invoice.
  • The new system bundles Invoices so that they appear as one line on Statements (by default).


How will it affect my day-to-day operations?

When it comes time to generate an invoice with the new system, you can either bill out all un-invoiced charges, or use Select to choose which un-invoiced charges to invoice. When re-printing or re-emailing an invoice (apart from any deleted charges / credits), it will look the same as the original but with the text "COPY" watermarked on the page.


How to activate the new Invoice & Statement system

  • Once activated, you cannot go back to the old invoice & statement system! As such, we recommend making a backup before you switch to the new system. You may also like to use the Demo Datafile (File, then Tutorial Database) to test the new system first.
  1. Select Maintenance, System Setup then the Accounting tab.
  2. Enable New Invoicing & Statement System & confirm the selection.
  3. The new system has now been activated (and cannot be undone). Click OK to close the system Setup screen.
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