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Customising your invoices - Using the Invoice Editor (#INVCUSTEDTR01)

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  • Did you know that StorMan has several ways to edit invoices? Explore the various methods & pick the one that's best for you via #INVCUST01.

Using the Invoice Header / Invoice Footer Editor

Once you have selected a Custom invoice header or footer (how to do this: #INVCUSTHDFT01), the Invoice Editor will open. This article explains how to use it...

Invoice Editor

  • Pointer is the selection tool; use it to select elements within the editor in order to move them around or resize them.
  • Line, Square, Rounded square & Oval are drawing tools for drawing shapes of their respective types.
  • T is the text tool, allowing you to draw a text area within which you can enter custom text, or database references (see Insert Fields, below).
  • Filmstrip is the picture tool, allowing you to draw an area where you can insert an image - such as your company logo, or a background image. Once you have drawn a placeholder for your image, right-click it and select Import to replace the default (coffee cup) image with your own.
  • Layering provides standard layering tools.
  • Align provides standard object alignment tools.
  • Cogs provides various options, including the ability to Import a previously created design (via the Open... option), save your current design (via the Save as... option), open the SVG attributes panel, as well as a number of selection, layering & alignment tools.
  • Show grid hides / shows the background grid. This grid will not print (even if shown in the editor); it is merely to assist you with aligning elements.
  • Preview lets you preview your design with all references displaying rendered data. In other words, if you have a database reference that displays your company name, clicking Preview (and Close Preview) will toggle between displaying the reference, vs. displaying the actual data that is being referenced.
  • Insert Field will display a list of database references that you can insert into your invoice header or footer. Upon generation of the invoice, these references will be replaced with the relevant data from the database. A list of common references is available via #NTCRFCM01. Note: While you can reference items (images) on the Pictures table here, their size cannot be adjusted. As such, we recommend using Filmstrip (as explained above) if you wish to add an image to your invoice header or footer.
  • Right-clicking within the main editor window will allow you to Import a previously created design (via the Open... option), or save your current design (via the Save as... option).
  • Save closes the editor and saves your design.
  • Cancel closes the editor but does not save any changes you have made.


Invoice Footer Template

If you've accidentally over-written the default invoice footer or need something to start your design with, try our template below. Simply download the file to a safe place on your computer and install it by opening StorMan's invoice editor (shown above), right-clicking in the main part of the editor, selecting Open, then choosing the file you downloaded below.

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