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Customising your invoices - Advanced Invoice Editor (#INVCUSTADV01)

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  • Using this editor is no longer supported. However, how-to information remains online for those still using it.
  • Any changes you make to the design of the invoice body using this method will be lost when you upgrade to a newer version of StorMan.
  • Did you know that StorMan has several ways to edit invoices? Explore the various methods & pick the one that's best for you via #INVCUST01. While it is entirely up to you as to which method you decide to use, the method outlined on this page is the most flexible as it allows you to edit the layout & look of the entire invoice.
  • Article intended for experienced users (powerusers) only.

Using the Advanced Invoice Editor to customise the Invoice layout

  1. Select Maintenance, then Invoice & Quote Design.
  2. From the options provided, click Invoice. The Layout Editor will appear.
  3. Use the tools provided to edit the invoice to suit your needs; a list of common tasks is provided below.
  4. Once you have completed your redesign, click the SAVE icon (a purple disc image; second icon along the top), then close the Layout Editor window. You may like to preview a test invoice by opening a Customer's Agreement and previewing it from the Transactions tab.


Using the Layout Editor

  • Click on an element and move it around as desired. You can also resize it using the standard toggles provided around the element.
  • When you click on an object in the editor, a Property List for that object appears. You can use the Property List to set justification, font styles, colours, etc. Note: If the Property List doesn't appear automatically, you can right-click the object and select Property List from the menu.
  • If you need to edit the height of the header or footer, click on the MONITOR icon at the top of the editor and select Markers. Adjust the marker lines as required.
  • Not all items can be deleted, but you can hide them using the Property List and enabling the Invisible by Default checkbox for that object. Note: Certain items are hard-coded to display all the time, even if you set it to be invisible.
  • You can add database references to invoices, simply by adding a text object (the T icon to the top-left of the editor) and then typing the reference name inside angle brackets (list of common references: #NTCRFCM01). For example: To display the Customer's "Customer Code", first we need to look at our list of common references (as per this article: #NTCRFCM01) to see what the reference for the Customer Code is. You'll note that is is as follows: [Customer]CustomerCode. Next, we need to add a new text field to the invoice (as explained above) and insert the reference inside angle-brackets... < and > will look like this: <[Customer]CustomerCode> - that will display the Customer's Customer Code when the invoice is generated.Note: Only references from related database tables will work.


Important things to keep in mind

  • You must save your work (click the SAVE icon - a purple disc image; second icon along the top), before closing the editor.
  • StorMan MultiView users: Invoice designs do not synchronise between sites automatically. However, invoice designs can be saved and a file manually transferred to other facilities within your group. Please ask StorMan Support for further details.



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