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Merchandise Packs (#IVTMPCK01)

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What is a Merchandise Pack?

Merchandise Packs allow you to create merchandise plans containing a set quantity of items, for a set price. For example: You could create & market a "Big Move Pack" - containing 3 large boxes, 7 small boxes, 1 padlock, 4 rolls of tape & 20m of bubble-wrap for just $200... a 45% saving when compared to buying the items separately.

Note: These are different from Merchandise Discount Plans (which allow you to create merchandise plans that provide discounts for buying items in bulk - not necessarily as part of a pack). More on these: #IVTMDP01.


How do I add a Merchandise Pack?

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Merchandise Discount Plans. The Merchandise Discount Plans window will now open.
  2. From the dropdown at the bottom of this screen, ensure Inventory Packs is selected.
  3. Click Add Merchandise Plan to add a new Merchandise Discount Plan. The Inventory Pack screen will now appear as shown below.Merchandise Packs
    • Code is used to enter a 3-character code (prefixed by your 5-letter Facility Code) for your Merchandise Pack.
    • Enable Code is inactive if you wish to leave the Merchandise Pack dormant in the system.
    • Description is used to enter a simple description for the Merchandise Pack.
    • In the Incentive information section, enter the price that you wish to sell the pack for.
    • Discount Display Information is used to select the Analysis Code (more on this: #ANLWAC01) that you wish to assign the discount to, as well as the description to show on your invoice on the discount line item.
    • Inventory Pack Display Information is used to select the Analysis Category (more on this: #ANLCAT01) that you wish to assign income from this Merchandise Pack to.
    • Merchandise items in this pack... is the area in which you select the items (and their quantities) for this particular pack.
  4. Start by adding a Code and Description to your Merchandise Discount Plan.
  5. In the Merchandise items in this pack... section (on the right), select the items that you wish to include in this pack. Don't forget to set the quantity of each item, too.
  6. Now set the Analysis Code (more on this: #ANLWAC01) & the Description of the discount (for the discount line-item on your invoice). Finally, set an Analysis Category (more on this: #ANLCAT01) if required.
  7. When done, click OK to save & return to the previous screen.


How do I use (sell) Merchandise Packs?

You can sell a Merchandise Pack just as you would any other merchandise item - via an Agreement, a Reservation or an Other Credit Sale. Simply navigate to the Transactions tab, click Add Charge and select the desired Merchandise pack. You can also sell Merchandise Packs through a Cash Sale.

When selling a Merchandise Pack, it will appear as a single item within the Charge Builder, but once added to the account, the items will be itemised and a discount line-item shown. For Cash Sales, however, the Merchandise Pack will appear as a single line-item, incorporating the discount.


How can I report on Merchandise Packs?

These are reported on via the Income Charged Report (more on this: #RPTICHR01).


How do Merchandise Packs affect stock (inventory) levels?

If you use StorMan's Stock Control System (more on this: #IVTUSCS01), Merchandise Packs automatically lower the stock levels of each item in the pack (and its specified quantity), when a pack is sold.

Furthermore, if you do not have enough stock of a particular item(s) to sufficiently supply the customer with all of the items that are supposed to be in the pack, StorMan will warn you of this.



On Thursday May 14th, 2015 we held a free StorMan PowerSession webcast on the topic of setting up and using both Bulk Discounts (start of video) and Merchandise Packs (7m38s into the video) in StorMan. You can view this video by clicking on the thumbnail below...

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